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Hook: I know a lot of us play sports and whatever that sport is it 's really important to us. Stop and think for a minute. Picture playing on your favorite court or field, the crowd is cheering, and everything is going perfectly. Just like a dream. Then… Everything turns black. You later realize you that have lost your left leg due to a breathtaking fall. How are you ever going to play sports again? Playing again would be hard but thanks to the invention of prosthetics doing what sport you love would become reappear as reality.
Thesis: The invention of prosthetics has resulted in improving the lives of countless individuals worldwide by helping them to establish everyday routines, helping people mentally cope with life, and
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Take for example Elisha Nolan. She had the choice to amputate her leg from above the knee due to a rare condition called pigmented villonodular synovitis. (pigmented vill-in-ol-ager syn-a-vitous). This condition resulted in a bunch of tumors in her knee. Elisha had underwent 25 surgerys to try and fix the problem but none of them work. Due to the invention of prosthetics, Elisha now has a state of the art genium prosthetic leg as well as living a pain free life and staying strong through a tough time in life.
Picture living in the time Civil War. That would be hard enough, right? But imaging living in the time Civil War as an amputee! That would be even harder! Now invision an amputee today, but has the option of prosthetics and now has a prosthetic limb. I know if it was me I would definitely choose to live in today 's society! Living back then you would be totally underestimated and people might “change” your rights. But today an amputee with prosthetics is just like a regular human. Not underestimated and people don 't normally think differently about them. Because of prosthetics our society has greatly
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