Prostitution In American Pie Movies

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Prostitution may also be looked at as a form of male dominance towards women, because men may feel entitled to sex because of repeated images and scenarios on TV shows. They see these constant images of a sexual nature and behaviour in which the man is rewarded with sex and it seems to come easy, and example of this may be the American Pie movies where sex is highly regarded and sought after by young males. When the same casual sex does not happen in real life where a man is constantly told no, he starts feeling as if sex is what he deserves and forcefully has sex with a women without her consent. It is however also thought that men do not typically rape because they do not have access to sexual partners (DeClue, 2005).
Particularly the portrayal
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The medicalization of women’s bodies may illustrate this best. During the nineteenth century the female body started to be studied as part of research of the medical profession (Bates, & Denmark, 2005). Before then women were primarily in charge of healing women’s bodies, maintaining healthy pregnancies and ensuring birth was successful. With the rise of men physicians, and doctoring seen as a male profession midwives and women healers were evidently pushed aside in terms of the care of other women (Bates, & Denmark, 2005). “As in many other spheres of western thought, the male was taken as the norm and females were found deficient by comparison.” (Bates, & Denmark, 2005) This quote and illustration of how throughout history men became seen as the “professionals” shows how gender stereotyping reinforced gender inequalities. This mindset roots itself in societies to say men are in charge and women must listen to what the men in their lives have to say because they and they alone know what they are talking…show more content…
The case study found that during the war in the democratic republic of Congo that lasted about six years (Terry, 2007), UN troops found that around 40 000 women were raped. (Terry, 2007) The report cited that militants in the area used rape as a: ‘…tactic to terrorize the civilian population.’ (Terry, 2007) This shows how rape is used as a form of intimidation and control because one of the characterizations of power rape is repeated rape over some time. One of the victims was a young girl who was interviewed and she said that she and other women were taken off a bus and raped then later taken to one of the soldiers camps and repeatedly raped and kept there for two months (Terry,
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