Prostitution And Media Analysis

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I have noticed that multiple discussion postings mention the lack of media attention regarding prostitutes and prostitution in general. Contrary to popular belief, I do not find this to be completely true. Although the media does not portrayed prostitutes as “ideal victims,” they indeed give attention to prostitutes. In fact, according to Lin and Mele (2013), one of the stereotypes for prostitutes is that they “differ from the local residents” as they have adopted “specific codes to mark themselves for sale—to make themselves distinct from other women on the street” (p. 292). Furthermore, they continue to state that “the press emphasizes this by describing both the prostitutes and female residents solely in terms of their appearance” (Lin & Mele, 2013, p. 292). Therefore, although the media sources do not give positive attention to prostitutes, or seldom mention them as “ideal victims,” they are, nonetheless, given attention, even if it is just negative attention.…show more content…
Thus, it is also true that some women will receive more media attention than others regardless of the involved crime. Unfortunately, the heavy emphasis on the “ideal victims” causes different levels of subliminal strain to society. Constant portrayal of “ideal victims” can cause society to believe that committing crimes will lead to less severe punishments if able to “qualify” as an “ideal
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