Prostitution In Adam Rapp's Red Light Winter

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The work of the character Christine in the play Red Light Winter by Adam Rapp symbolizes the act of prostitution as a way to embrace one's own self; she owns her body, therefore, it’s her right to use it. Throughout the play, Christine uses her body as a way to gain control over other characters and uses it to survive in the world all by herself.
In most general cases, a woman chooses to be a prostitute when she finds out it that her own self could be used to earn her own living and that it’s one of her option to survive in this world. For Christine, getting separated from her parents and living abroad without having the proper education to find a job since she “quiet school” at an early age could be a reason she drove herself into prostitution (Rapp, 71). Since Christine and her parents “don’t stay in touch” since she moved to Paris, there wasn’t anyone to look
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For example, although Christine was a professional at her work, according to David's words, Christine gave “two sessions for free” to David because she wanted him to be dependable on her body for sexual pleasure; which shows her act of using her body to gain control. For instance, while making out with David, Christine was able to emotionally make Davids dependable on her that he even told her things “about his life” and “his mother” that he never even mentioned it to his best friend Matt during any part of the play. When Christine realizes that David's actually want her to make out with his friend Matt, she politely decided to do her job and respect David’s decision because she thought to obey Davids decision could help her gain control over his mind. To explain, Christine never seemed to be prepared to have sex with Matt which is even when she starts to cry right after David's exits from scene 1 and confess to Matt that David and her actually “Made love” (pg
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