Prostitution In Bangladesh Essay

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10. Causes of enhancing vulnerabilities in different areas or levels of Bangladesh: (a) Social Cause: Bangladesh society does not accept prostitutes normally. People’s meditation is that they spoil the whole society. If any woman or girl goes in prostitutions, our society does not pay any facilities or opportunities to go her previous place. She does not get honor but hate. (b) Religious Cause: Religion is also responsible for increasing vulnerabilities. In religious perspective, a prostitute is a vicious person. She can demolish our religious principles. As she is not sacred, she has no opportunities for maintain religious culture. (c) Economic Cause: Most of the women and girls engage in this sex industry for earning money. At first they…show more content…
Most of the guardians do not want to know their children’s desire or other mental pressure. Female persons cannot understand the bad effects of prostitution. There are no guardians or NGO who take campaign against prostitution. For the lack of social awareness, many girls go the terrible path of prostitution. 11. Effects of prostitution: Prostitutes are the burden of our country. Prostitution vanishes the social and moral value and gives birth of bastard children who are very dangerous in our country. They harm our society in many ways such as crime, drug business, trafficking etc. They have no definite identity so they do no t care any persons. They also engage in steal, robbery, prostitution and many different illegal works. Prostitution is also responsible for dreadful disease like HIV AIDS. Prostitution spreads this virus disease with physical relation and bloods. Besides this Prostitutes suffer health problem. As most of the prostitutes are children, they soon lose their health and have to face many unbearable problems. Prostitutes cannot make any connection with gentle society. Children of prostitute do not want to school because most of the students laugh at their mother’s work. Not only had this but also deprived many facilities which are provided by Bangladesh government. Prostitution is a great obstacle to develop a

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