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We were given the assignment to write about one social issue in Pakistan. We found a great number of social issues in Pakistan but the issue we chose is “Child Prostitution”. The reason behind choosing this particular issue is that this issue is much unattended on various levels. Recent case of child prostitution in Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan give us enough fuel and determination to raise our voice on this very embarrassing but highly important and sophisticated issue. The first that arises is what is the cause? Second which age groups are more vulnerable or can be exploited easily? And third and final why this issue is unrecognized? The answers to these questions are not as hard to answer as they are considered to be. The answer to the first…show more content…
And answer is NO. Recent researches shows that boys and girls are equally targeted. The age which is mostly exploited is between 11-15 years. The answer to third question is the most important and must to give. Why no voice on this highly important and sensitive issue? The only answer we got is, Pakistan is an Islamic state and talking these kinds of issues in public are not part of Islamic societies so this issue is not issue of public…show more content…
However, the Prostitution Ordinance only prohibits causing, encouraging or abetting the seduction or prostitution of a girl below 16 years of age.12 Boys are therefore not protected and the minimum age fails to comply with international standards. The same case applies to the Penal Code where procurement of only minor girls is punishable13, leaving boys out with protection. Moreover, many women and children can be subject to the Zina Ordinance, which by Muslim values, punishes sexual intercourse outside of marriage, as well as rape, which must be witnessed by at least four Muslim

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