Prostitution In South Africa

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The legalisation of prostitution is a controversial issue that draws much debate between the pros and cons of the situation. Prostitution is the act of engaging in sexual activities for payment (Damewood, 2014) and is currently ruled illegal in South Africa and yet it remains one of the most common professions amongst poverty-stricken areas (Anonymous, 2013). Due to prostitution being legal, according to South Africa’s Sexual Offences Act of 1957 (Reporter, n.d.) it leaves prostitutes vulnerable and subject to abuse and sexual exploitation. As of 2011, 63% of prostitutes questioned have admitted to being victim to violence and unconsenting sexual acts which they could not report due to their non-existent rights (MRC, 2012). Prostitutes are…show more content…
However, the research conducted is accurate and professionally collected and can identify with South Africa as the concepts involving the legalization of prostitution are the same, as are the concerns regarding ethics and religion. Unfortunately, not much research has been conducted specifically for South Africa which does limit the information gathered but due to other research defining the economy and the goals of the government it is easy to link the positive aspects of legalizing prostitution to the situation present in South Africa’s society and develop a conclusion from…show more content…
For example the organisation for South Africa’s statistics is of high quality as it is updated regularly and remains relevant in my research whilst the Christian Lawyers Association is a principle based on ethics that cannot be confirmed or validated making the quality of the source less refined and more subjective. Most of the sources I used were online which can also hinder the quality of the research if not properly identified as there are many unreliable and poorly driven articles that offer no value which is why it was important for me to research the validity of each of my sources. The fact that much of the research done was by international sources made the value questionable as it was not country specific and therefore was open to interpretation. Not much research has been gathered on the benefits of legalizing prostitution in South Africa which makes the value of all other sources limited as the most effective information would need to be specific. I believe that the sources I used all contained value as I was able to sift through the documents that weren’t of use and choose the ones that would add value to my research, I believe the information I have chosen to incorporate is reliable or else stipulated. So therefore through my selection of facts and resources, I have eliminated those of little value or questionable validity making my research more

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