Prostitution In The Play 'The Unfortunates'

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Mary breaks numerous laws that she mentions within the play “The Unfortunates”. The most obvious of these crimes is prostitution, which she mentions frequently. Though this crime is the easiest to see and understand, it is not the only one that Mary confesses to, or commits in on case, during the course of the play. Mary has a piece of ribbon from her friend Kath’s body. While most people wouldn’t think of this as a crime, it is in fact, because she stole evidence. Another crime is stealing drinks from the bar that the play was set in, although she did put a coin on the counter in the beginning, so this might be debatable. Another item that is a possible crime is breaking curfew. This isn’t mentioned in particular, but knowing the time period and the occurrences of that time it is very realistic that Mary was breaking curfew. To me, there are different reasons that Mary commits each crime. I think that she became a prostitute mainly for the money. Her…show more content…
The majority of the people in the world, though, never like to hear that someone has been murdered, just as Mary and many other “unfortunates” were. I see this issue of crimes against prostitutes not being cared about as a result of the media, which I guess at the time of the play, would be the newspaper. Crimes against prostitutes are never reported like they are for other victims of the same crime, I think because the crimes are against criminals, prostitutes. This is a very hard topic to come to terms with. Personally, a crime committed against anybody is terrible. Therefore I feel that crimes against prostitutes are terrible too, but then there is the consideration that prostitutes are committing crimes also. Taking all of this into thought, I believe that I see crimes against prostitutes the same as any crimes, or at least I want
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