Prostitution Should Be Legalized

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Prostitution: Why Consensual Sex Should Be Legalized
The selling of sex in exchange for money is a concept that has been utilized since the ancient civilizations. It is no wonder than that prostitution is known as the world 's oldest profession. To many feminist advocates, prostitution is a barbaric and dehumanizing act that should be outlawed. However, this is untrue as sex work is a necessary means of income for approximately one million women in America. As there will always be people selling their bodies for money, the U.S. government should prioritize providing legal support and health-related resources for sex workers. This may be put into place by legalization. Many countries in Europe have already taken steps to help ensure the safety
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Named the Nordic Model or Swedish Model, this approach is an elimination method that makes it a criminal offence to purchase sex, but not to sell. The goal of this is so dissuade Johns from taking advantage of women who may otherwise not have the ability to step away from prostitution. The difference between full legalization and decriminalization is that the latter imposes restrictions that can impact the rate sex work occurs. The Nordic Model has been the most successful as evidenced by the reports of satisfaction by escorts and general public. However, it does restrict men who are wanting to purchase sex. This concept is highly debated because if two adults are consenting to the transaction of money for sex, there is no reason it should be criminalized. This argument is further criticized by anti-prostitution activists that say it undermines gender equality and promotes the objectification of women (Glazer). These activists capitalize on the problems that harm reduction/elimination methods fail to absolve and argue for complete criminalization of all sex…show more content…
Their arguments are widely moral-based, with responses that identify the inequalities and human rights violations that arise as a result of prostitution. Melissa Farley, the founder of the Prostitution Research and Education organization, is one of the most famous figures who voices these dissents. She has extensive knowledge in prostitution and its harmful effects on sex workers and society as a whole, and she is especially passionate about fighting it in Nevada. Farley stated the following in response to questions posed by United Nations Women: “They [prostitutes in Nevada] can’t be protected from these harms. The institution of prostitution is so corrupt, so violent that it can’t be fixed. It must be abolished. There is now much empirical data showing that whatever its legal status, prostitution is connected with violence. A sex buyer described prostitution as “renting an organ for 10 minutes.” Women in prostitution tell us that this makes them feel like “toilets.” This dehumanization by sex buyers has devastating effects” (Farley). While her comments are not completely untrue, she uses sweeping generalizations that all sex workers are suffering. Farley also does not make the distinction between sex workers and those who are victims of sex trafficking, which are completely
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