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Sophist were lovers of knowledge that expand their minds into all branches of knowledge. The sophist used their knowledge and wisdom to become traveling teachers, offering education for payment. Mainly this education would be based on rhetoric, in efforts to gain advantage in civil disputes. One contribution to rhetoric that the sophist brought upon was the ideals of subjective truth and how perception is the key to truth. Another significant contribution is the concept of dissoi logoi, introduced by Protagoras. This concept entails that there is more than one side to an argument and understanding the two sides to an argument brings upon further efficiency in ones rhetorical skills. Even so with there contribution, there was people like Plato…show more content…
A sophist that can be used to support this assertion is Protagoras. His concept of dissoi logoi invites rhetors to dive deeper into an argument, looking at both sides of a topic which ultimately leads to the creation of new ideas of knowledge pertaining to both sides of the argument. Even the endeavors of the sophist and new concepts such as subjectivity shows merit in how rhetoric has created new knowledge into the world. Protagoras, being the most famous and influential of the sophist can be credited to enormous amounts of a new era in thinking. Without Protagoras and his controversial ideas, there might have not been a wave of thinkers coming to challenge, promote and spread new knowledge to the world. Platos writing and ideas have contributed a great amount to the works in rhetoric. In his many writings, it can be examined that plato has strong views on the misuse of rhetoric. This understanding of the evil that rhetoric brings and ideas of falsely believing subjective truths. Works such as the Gorgias, Phaedurs and even the Allegory of the cave explains the damage that rhetoric and subjectivity can do. Most of these works follow a lay out of hearing an argument, then refuting it with evidence. It seems so that his writing style correlates to beliefs of objectivity…show more content…
Firstly, well known is the fact of Isocrates weakness to giving out speeches. He felt more comfortable as the role of logographer rather than one who gives speeches. On another note for Isocrates support of written communication is the use of written text. Written text can be saved and utilized for the suited moment, as well as the fact that written text can be preserved in its original words without change in content and ideas. Plato on the other hand sees weakness to written communication. Oral communication gives one the chance to defend and refute, while written text can not refute when questioned. It can be inferred through the story of Thamus in the Phaderus that written text promotes forgetfulness and the lack of truly understanding the subject. When one speaks upon a topic efficiently, it is because they believe in the information through their own logic, leading ultimately to

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