Protective Services Case Study

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a. What do you believe will be the most challenging aspect of working in protective services and why does it appeal to you? Whenever CPS announces themselves at the door of a prospective client I am sure that most of the time smiles and laughs are not waiting on the other side. Because of this obstacle most cases begin at a disadvantage by being viewed as the “bad guy”. Someone whose sole purpose is to disrupt and tear apart another’s family. My intention, my hope, is to break down any barriers between clients and myself so that I may assist to the best of my abilities the family unit by helping them become stronger and more loving towards each other. b. How have your education, experiences and/or people skills prepared you to deal with the demands of protective services? Prior to entering college I worked as an over-the-road truck driver and as an oilfield worker. Both positions placed me in situations various times where my customer or company man was extremely irritated for some reason or another but not necessarily with me. However, this did not mean I could simply ignore their misdirected anger nor should I become defensive. I had to find a balance between tactfully…show more content…
I plan on accomplishing this by focusing not on differences but instead on similarities. When we focus on differences we are placing divisions amongst ourselves. Personally, I wish to grow as a person by becoming more empathetic and caring towards people and their needs. To further develop my effective listening skills so that I really and truly hear my clients so they feel validated as individuals and are motivated to change. Professionally, it is my intent to develop lasting relationships that will provide the support needed to be successful in this field. Finally, I would like to give as many children, as many people who are in need of a voice the chance to be
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