Protein Titration Lab Report

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pH: Ten gram of each sample was mixed with 90ml of distilled water and the pH was recorded by using a digital pH meter. ACIDITY: Acidity was determined by titrating the sample against 0.1N NaOH [5]. TOTAL SOLUBLE SOLIDS: TSS of the sample was analysed by using hand refractometer it is also used for judging the end point of the jam formulation. PROXIMATE ANALYSIS: MOISTURE: This method is based on loss of moisture on drying in an oven. Besides water the loss will include other matter volatile at 105 ºC [2,4]. Sample of five grams was weighed into a pre-weighted flat dish (W1) and dried at an oven temperature at 105 ºC for 3 h (W2). It was allowed to cool in an airtight desiccator, reweighed and again heated in the oven for half…show more content…
10ml of the sample was added to the 0.05 ml of 0.5% phenolphthalein indicator. It was mixed and allowed to stand for few minutes and was neutralized with 0.1M NaOH to the standard pink colour. 2 ml of formalin was added, mixed and allowed to stand for few minutes. The new acidity produced was titrated against 0.1M NaOH for the same pink colour. Then 2ml of the formalin and 10ml of H2O were titrated separately against 0.17M NaOH as blank. ASH AND CALCIUM ANALSIS: The crucible was cleaned, dried, ignited, cooled and weighed (W1). Then the jam sample was weighed and transferred into the dish (W2). The sample was dried on a boiling water bath and charred over a bursen flame until no more soot was given out. It was then ashed with a muffle furnace at 500ºC and weighed (W3) [4]. The percentage of ash was calculated by using the following formula: Ash (%)= W3-W1 ̸ W2-W1 X 100 Ash was treated with conc.Hcl and was made upto 50ml with distilled water. An aliquot of ash solution was reacted with ammonium oxalate solution for calcium precipitation. After centrifugation and decanting supernatent, the precipitate is redissolved in 4N sulphuric acid. Calcium solution is titrated against 0.01N Potassium permanganate to obtain pink colour as end point. Solution is kept at 75-85 ͦ C throughout the

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