Protest Injustice: Josephine Baker And Martin Luther King Jr.

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How People Effectively Protest Injustice There is a few ways that people effectively protest injustice. All three of these authors were protesting for their rights against opposition. Josephine Baker and Martin Luther KIng Jr. were both fighting segregation, while Ghonim was fighting Egypt's corrupt government. Another example of protesting was seen in Animal Farm when the hens protested giving up their eggs. This proved to be an ineffective way since the hens were killed by Napoleon after.The animals that tried to protest ended up being killed since the government's power in Animal Farm is corrupt. People can effectively protest by speaking out for what they believe in, and by protesting in the streets so they force change to happen. The context for an effective protest is…show more content…
King states, "Nonviolent direct action seeks to create such a crisis and foster the issue." (King 322). This shows that King is effectively protesting against a force of opposition. King hopes that his protests will force the community to acknowledge the injustice and work to change it for the better. Similar to King, Josephine Baker protested on the issue of segregation peacefully with the difference of using a pen to protest. Baker states," And when I shout loud enough, they started to open the door a ,little bit, and we all started to squeeze through it." (Baker 103). Josephine Baker protested on segregation through her writings, she went to France after experiencing extreme discrimination whether house was bombed as a child. She saw how nice it was in France, and how she was not discriminated because of her color. After, she decided to stand up for her rights and other African Americans when she came back to America. Both Martin Luther King Jr. and Josephine Baker stood up for their civil rights to show why effective protests were needed. The kinds of protest actions that are available and most effective from the three articles are peaceful protest, and speaking up for
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