Protest Music In The Apartheid Era

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Protest music is a topic which I feel is extremely relevant to me as a young South African who didn’t experience the Apartheid regime. Protest music is one of the main contributors to the ending of apartheid. Resistance music is a topic I have largely researched and can now say that I have an understanding of what its impact was on the apartheid period. The apartheid era had non-white communities isolated and sidelined which lead to the outburst of protest music which evoked emotions such as anger and frustration in many black communities hence my argument argues that protest music truly did have an effect of the apartheid era. Protest music was what brought awareness to people who didn’t have understanding of what was happening in the apartheid…show more content…
This group of men used Afrikaans protest music to being change into the society back then. With the best option being to educate the Afrikaaner youth about what is truly happening in the apartheid era they took off to all local universities and informed the Afrikaaner youth that they are living in a society where non-white people are being marginalised because of the colour of their skin or the texture of their hair and they did all of this through this use of music. Not a lot of people know about the voelvry movement which truly had a great impact on the Afrikaaner/white community at large, after all it is the ideology surrounding protest music that stuck or influenced those young white/Afrikaaner people who were being mislead and manipulated by the apartheid…show more content…
Protest music was not all about fighting but it is all about becoming and being united surround one topic or situation and with reference to the research question it is the apartheid era. The artists in this source are artists who took a stance because they believed that we are able to live in a society which is free for everyone. Music is all about emotion and that is what they brought into their lyrics when talking about and the strife being faced by the nation you truly feel that sense of raw emotion which makes protest music so powerful, is the fact that the emotions of pain, hurt and anger is true and it come from a place which strives for peace.
The sources above present a strong support to my argument that Protest music did have a great impact on the apartheid era. The sources always forces that research is done in such a way where bias to the question or research task will not be

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