Protest Song Analysis

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Protest Song I chose the song B.Y.O.B, by System Of A Down. The term B.Y.O.B usually means Bring Your Own Beer/Beef But in the case of this song it would mean Bring Your Own Bombs. This song is directed to the world to show that although leaders make all the rules they don 't take care of the problems themselves physically. LYRIC MEANING At the Beginning of the song he yells the line “Why do they always send the poor?!” they send the poor because they will follow their orders so they don 't need to do it themselves. To emphasize how the presidents don 't fight in the war or how the president should try harder to prevent them they say, “Where the f**k are you? Why don 't presidents fight the war? Why do they always send the poor?” There were…show more content…
By thinking this way they too are barbaric and this is shown with the line “Barbarism by barbaras.” The line is also a reference to the famous news presenter, “dressed with pointed heels” named Barbara Walters who showed the bright side of war, which is an act of propaganda. The war was won by allies because of their superior equipment, “Victorious, victorious steel” and this made the weapons industry happy because they get to sell their goods,“For brand new spankin’ deals.” “Marching forward hypocritic and hypnotic computers” this again also hints to modern technology and its abuse. Information told to soldiers could, and would, be altered to make them do as the government wishes. This implies that the war is being lead for hypocritical reasons. The official reason for the war was to protect the Iraqi population as well as the world against Saddam Hussein But the actual reason was Oil. “You depend on our protection yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth” is saying that they want the soldiers to fight but they gave them a lie rather than truth to fight for. The government had faked satellite pictures and gave “proof” that justified the war and the soldiers not knowing better followed their orders without
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