Protestant Reformation Impact

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In every period of history, critics have called for reform of the church. Clerical immorality, clerical ignorance, absenteeism are only a few problems presented in the Roman Catholic Church. It was only a matter of time before someone would take notice. That someone just happened to be Martin Luther. He ignited the further events of the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther’s endeavors had involved all of Europe into their political, social, and economic effects.
The political effects were a large part of that period’s lives and can quite possibly be the second biggest of the effects. Charles V signed the Peace of Augsburg 1555, this enabled princes to determine the religion of their territory. Any of the people out of the religion of the prince’s choice either had to leave or convert. State
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What had ignited Luther’s flame, was the selling of indulgences which were for the construction of Saint Peter’s Basilica. Pope Leo X had been excited to continue building the basilica and all he needed was the funding. Archbishop Albert met those funding needs with the sale of indulgences. More books than ever were being sold, more specifically bibles were being sold. Luther’s translation of the bible into German had started the sale of thousands of bibles. Then after being translated to German the bibles were being translated into even more languages. This succeeded into even more sales of bibles across all of Europe. Further after the Protestant Reformation, Elizabeth had made the Elizabethan Settlement which made it so those who did not attend the services at the Anglican Church. In all reality Elizabeth had not cared what religion her subjects had followed as long as they kept it to themselves and attended these services. This was the middle ground she had decided to take instead of choosing between being Catholic or Protestant. Every part that is life in those ages was changed
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