The Sultan And The Queen Jerry Brotton Analysis

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Jerry Brotton 's, The Sultan and The Queen The Untold Story of Elizabeth and Islam, Brings to light the unexpected trade alliance between Queen Elizabeth I of England and Islamic powers of the Ottoman Empire and The Kingdom of Morocco. Jerry Brotton summaries it perfectly by stating it is "the remarkable story of the Elizabethans who traveled to the Muslim world, what they learned and how their discoveries, and the stories they told, affected life back home." The author sets the stage by discussing the marriage of Prince Phillip of Spain and Mary Tudor and England 's return to Catholicism from Protestantism. Jerry Brotton discusses past military history between the Hapsburg Empire and Ottoman Empires as well as delving into the existing trade mechanisms Europe used for Eastern goods. Brotton touches on religious propaganda and…show more content…
She was left to fend off Spain by herself when neither Islamic powers came to her aid. Brotton discusses how both the Moroccans and Ottomans were not willing to show their hand fearing England was little more than a trade partner. After the defeat of the Spanish Armada thanks to various factors including weather, rotten food, and poor planning the Moroccans signed an alliance with England and Queen Elizabeth would have most likely secured an alliance with Sultan Murad III of the Ottoman Empire had he not died and been replaced with a less English sympathetic and aggressive Sultan Mehmed. Brotton 's conclusion paints a portrait of England at the time of Queen Elizabeth I death which has firmly solidified Protestantism, brought about great trade and economic gain as well as a diversity of culture and arts which led to a greater more intelligent and prosperous England. Brotton and now myself feel that the Islamic connection was an overlooked yet integral piece of history which deeply shaped the reign of Queen Elizabeth I as well as England as a
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