Protist Research Paper

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Protists is an artificial grouping. It contains a pacific group of organisms. They have been around for years. Protists are not plants, nor animals, nor fungi, nor bacteria, or archaeons. This group has been around for a couple of centuries. They come from a large diverse group of eukaryotic microorganism unicellular animals and plants and do not have tissue. Like most plants and animals have tissue that you can identify them into groups or categories. Protists are microscopic and motile. Protists are known as algae which plays a vital role in our environment. Plant like protists are called algae, and autotrophs that can make their own food. Algae and autotrophs carry out oxygen there for generating photosynthesis, and then they use the…show more content…
Decomposers are heterotrophs and they break down waste and other materials in the Earth. It provides nutrients to the Earth and other living things. IT also provides for other plants, animals, and fungi to grow. Protists play a vital role in our lakes, rivers, and oceans. Algae is an autotrophic protists that carry oxygen-generating photosynthesis. So by the water and the sun combining and the water running it down stream it enters the earth and helps the earth grow. Just like we need food, water, and sunlight to help our body function. The evolution of the eukaryotic has been around for some time. Eukaryotic represent new ways of organizing cell structures and novel strategies for propagating life. Protists are not a single evolutionary lineage, protists are diverse in size, shape, cellular organization, modes of nutrition, and life cycle. Protists are also microscopic. Most microbial are motile. They can swim with the help of one or more flagella, or by waving a carpet of tiny hairs called cilia. The protists are also known as algae which play a vital role as producers, especially in oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams. Algae are autotrophic protists that carry out oxygen-generating photosynthesis they use energy from sunlight to combine carbon dioxide and water, making sugar molecules in the process releasing oxygen…show more content…
A wide spread loss of potatoes crops and famine for the Irish people Trichomonas vaginalis causes one of the most transmitted sexually diseases in the united States. About 7 million people have the infection called trichomonas. It can be cured by medication. The fungi is also a decomposer. Fungi include single-celled yeasts that ferment beer and make bread and cheese. The fungi include mushrooms, mold, and rust. They live everywhere in air, water, land, soil, and on or around plants and animals. Fungi can produce its own food and they get their nourishment form other sources. They come in a wide variety of sizes and forms. They are heterotrophic. They get their nutrition from
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