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Proton has many types of products in market. First of all, it is Proton Iriz. It is a small size car and it is suitable for ladies. Besides that, it has Proton Suprima S, Proton Saga FLX, and Proton Satria Neo. These three cars are more suitable for younger generations. Other than that, many people are also demanded for Proton Suprima S. The Suprima S comes in 5 beautiful colours which namely as Atlantic Blue, Fire Red, Genetic Silver, Solid White and Tranquility Black. If you are looking for something more powerful, you can go for Proton Saga FLX. For Satria Neo, it is kind of performance car. Its engine is CamPro CPS 4 cylinder, DOHC 16V and its maximum speed goes until 190km/h and it uses only 10.5 seconds to reach 100km/h. Proton
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Proton has its own marketing strategies and different discount for every car. You can have a look at their website or contact their customer service for more information. The cheapest among the cars that I have mentioned above is Proton Saga FLX. It cost from RM33 243. Proton Iriz and Proton Persona are more affordable by younger generations because their prices are cheaper. Their cost is from RM41 077 and RM44 658. Besides that, for performance car such as Proton Satria Neo, it cost slightly higher from RM50 252. Moreover, for family cars like Proton Exora SP and Proton Inspira, it would cost from RM55 592 because it is bigger and more comfort compare with others and Proton Inspira would cost higher from RM77 820.For Proton Preve, it cost from RM57 686 and Proton Suprima S would cost RM69…show more content…
Taking a Proton home today is easier with a choice of affordable down payment or financing rates as low as 1.99%. Every new Proton comes with a 7 years extended warranty to keep your car that way it is meant to be. Besides that, service packages with discounts of up to 26%. Other than that, “The Right Time to get even More Value for Your Money” is one of the promotions. You can enjoy the price reductions of up to 3.25 %. Moreover, there is a new reason to squeeze more value out of every ringgit you spend. So, enjoy their new car prices by visiting the nearest Proton showroom today and test drive their models. Last but not least, another promotion is “Dealership Expansion”, with this they are expanding their sales and services network throughout the nation and seeking new 3S leadership to join

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