Cristiano Ronaldo: My Hero

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Proud To Follow You People are not the same, some of them remain in their positions even if they lived thousands of years. And other progress every time a sun shines announcing a new day of work and success. The last type of human are supernatural , people who spend every minute in their day working and working, taking advantage of every moment , sleeping just after they breathe the last inspiration of hard working and fatigue , to become a phenomenon in his century ending his story by a miracle immortalizing in the history of humanity . My role model is one of those marvels. Cristiano Ronaldo is my hero, he is hard worker, with a very helpful personality, In addition to his miraculous success.

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He always helps poor families and children. Haidar the small Lebanese child represent a main evidence that supports that point. A kid who loves his parents by a terrible accident, Ronaldo traveled to meet him and he donate 6 million dollars to that child. . After the 2006 World Cup qualifiers, Ronaldo traveled to Indonesia to visit the tsunami-affected areas in 2004 and support the victims. He met Indonesian Vice President Yusuf Kalla and East Timorese President Shana Gusmo. He also contributed a 120,000 $ campaign to publicize his sportswear. In 2009, Ronaldo donated 100,000 $ to the hospital in Madera, which helped in saving his mother in her battle with cancer, so they could build a cancer center on his native island of Madeira. In support of the victims of the 2010 Madera floods, Ronaldo has pledged to play a charity match between Porto and Portugal, and a team from Madeira Island (Maritimo and Nacional). In addition to all of that In November 2011, Cristiano Ronaldo donated his shirt to the Real Madrid club, which sold the shirt at an auction, whose proceeds went to support Palestinian children's schools in the Gaza Strip in Palestine.
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