Proud's Arguments Against Abortion

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“Someone gave me the phone number of a person who did abortions and I made the arrangements. I borrowed about $300 from my roommate and went alone to a dirty, run-down bungalow in a dangerous neighborhood in east Los Angeles. A greasy looking man came to the door and asked for the money as soon as I walked in. He told me to take off all my clothes except my blouse; there was a towel to wrap around myself. I got up on a cold metal kitchen table. He performed a procedure, using something sharp. He didn’t give me anything for the pain-he just did it. He said that he had packed me with some gauze, that I should expect some cramping, and that I would be fine. I left” (Borger). When it comes to women in general, how can anyone tell them what to do with their bodies? If a woman becomes pregnant, and she feels it is necessary to abort the baby, I believe she has the right to do so. Nevertheless, these women do not know that there are so many realistic and positive reasons as to why they might…show more content…
I believe that this subject gives adults the opportunity to think about why they have decided to want another human being in their life. Abortion is not negative at all because there is no active life that is being destroyed. It would be a positive thing if others could agree and support abortion instead of thinking it is a death penalty towards fetuses. Back in the day, it didn’t matter if abortion was illegal or not women still had the intentions of getting rid of their pregnancy if needed to so that they can be “safe”. They did not go to safe places to get their operation done though. according to the World Health Organization, today, abortion is one of the commonly performed clinical procedures in the united states, and the death rate from abortion is extremely low: 0.6 per 100,000 procedures. When it comes to legalizing abortion, this law allows women to have a sufficient well-planned abortion so they are not risking any health injuries to

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