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The colors, they are so fascinating to this work of art that the weather created. The work of art was mad by water on a cotton plantation back in the 1800s. Providence Canyon has an amazing scenery with many different colors on the walls of the canyon. Every time it rained on the cotton field the water would form a huge ditch or trench that kept expanding. In the 1850s the ditches grew up to 5 feet. This park can grab tourist's attention and bring visitors into our state. It has 43 colors of sand that can be a beautiful site to see. It has a camping spot where you can camp and see how beautiful it looks at night. Providence Canyon is located on Georgia, Alabama, line. The canyon has colors from the Alabama clay. The rocks are…show more content…
This park is considered one of Georgia's Seven Wonders of Georgia. This park is a part of Georgia's history. Years ago this park was once covered by an ocean. There are also many different types of animals. There are deer, squirrels, raccoons, woodpeckers, and many other animals. Park rangers will take you on a guided tour all over the canyon. The canyon is a big place with over 1,108 acres. This is a place that the government needs to make a national park, because it can bring tourist in from all over the country. There are old cars that have been there since the olden days when the farm was there. The leaves are green and beautiful. Before this land became a canyon, it was once a forest. People stay over night just to see the amazing view that the canyon has to show. There are places you can pull in your camper and have the time of your life that night. The roads are neatly paved and not bumpy with holes all in them. The park rangers keep the park nice and clean, which is why it needs to become a national park. The government will make a lot of money off this park if people just come to visit or even stay a few nights. This park is just amazing and people will love the view during the day or even at night. This is a beautiful park and people need to visit

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