Provider Centri Case Study

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1. The implications of shifting care delivery strategies for the workforce from provider-centric to patient- and family-centered care are improved patient outcomes and quality of life, increased patient satisfaction, forming new partnerships with patient, families, and health care providers to create best outcomes and enhance the quality and safety of health care, reduce organization liability claims, professional development, this delivery of care being incorporated in organization 's polices and goals, and an overall improvement in the delivery of health care by practices understanding how they can better serve the needs of patients and families by using this delivery of care model. All of these implications can occur if the delivery of care shift from…show more content…
New policies, rules, and regulations must be followed and implemented once PFCC become an approach to use to deliver care since families can have organizational roles and be more involved in the care process. Just as support services are avaible for patients, similar services should be provided for families who may need comfort or someone to talk to ensure they understand that the organization cares about their needs as well. For example, there can be an advocate provided for families. Changes in employee training and orientation must take place to fully implement PFCC approach into the organizational culture. Support from internal and external stakeholders must be established to make sure all stakeholders are onboard and prepared for the system change. 5. As healthcare leaders we model collaboration with patients and families by establishing open communication between the patient, family, and healthcare providers and listening to their insights and opinions in order to better plan and deliver care that will optimize patient outcomes and experience. We involve them in policy development and clinical decision making, share knowledge and authority with them, and establish mutual trust and

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