Provine's Essay: The Science Of Laughter

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Human beings are prone to laugh at certain entertaining events. Laughter is typically described as a response to a particular situation. We all have unconsciously laughed or smiled at least a hundred times in our entire life. The intriguing question about this matter is why do people laugh? This strange action must have something to do with the human nature. A researcher, Robert Provine goes in detail to find out the essential use of laughter. In Provine’s article, The Science of Laughter, states that laughter predominantly is the source that connects every individual to one another. Provine believes that is it a mysterious language that every person in the entire planet has in common, and that it is in our genes. After his research with…show more content…
First, he uses Deborah Tannen’s novel to describe how females laugh 126% more than males. This leads to the conclusion that females do the most laughing, and males do the job to make their female counterparts laugh. Therefore, it is likely that women seek for a partner that is humorous, and that men are likely to be the stimulant to fulfil the meet, matching and mating process. Secondly, Provine explains that laughing is contagious. For example, a laughter epidemic in all girls’ boarding school in Tanzania, in the year of 1962, remarked the laughing history. In depth, laughter is more complex; it might have a connection to the brain’s neurological mechanism, which detects laughter. At last, Provine proves that laughter improves our mental and physical state. Provine uses Doctor Lee Berk’s research results to improve his statement. In Berk’s results, he concluded that laughter reduces the level of catecholamines and other hormones in the body. The elements reduce the level of stress, which can be related to a stronger immune system. For more, in Doctor Rosemany Cogan research, she concluded that patients who were under in pain who watched comedies were likely to ask less pain reliever than patients who did not watch comedy
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