Provisional Psychology Department Subject Pool

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Participants Three participants were recruited for this experiment through the UCI Psychology Department Subject Pool. Each researcher was responsible for one subject and the data was shared among the group until each researcher has three different set of data. The three participants consisted of two female and one male UCI students from an age range of 18-21. Even though the participant’s previous experience regarding this experiment is unknown, based on UCI PSychology Department Subject Pool’s policy, subject who has done this research before cannot apply for this research again. With regard to deficiencies, two participants did not wear glasses, while the third participant had worn a pair of glasses for corrected vision; however, none complained that they could not see the stimuli in the projected screen.

Apparatus The experiment attempt to test subjects’ visual perception in discriminating the given stimuli. This experiment is a single-factor design because the subjects only have one task. The subject’s task is to discriminate between the two lines. The lines are
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After the consent form is read and signed, the participants are required to read the instruction of the task and choose the size option they would like to test. The task is to repeated four times for each option. The subjects are to choose which line is longer from the two lines shown per round. The screen also displays A and B for the user the click the options: first line is A, second line is B. There are 40 rounds per trial. The scores are recorded after each trial. After the experiment is done, the researcher is to wrapped up the experiment by thanking the subjects and notifying them that they will receive points for their
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