Provisional Restorations

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Esthetics Enhancement InProvisional Crowns: “Bringing Artificial Close To Natural”

Abstract-The word provisional means established for the time being, pending a permanent arrangement.Provisional restorations are a critical component of fixed prosthodontic treatment. In addition to their biologic and biomechanical requirements, interim restorations provide the clinician with valuable diagnostic information. Clinicians often are asked to provide natural-looking provisional restorations, despite the brief duration of their use which might appear time consuming but has a pronounced psychological effect on the patient aspect. Although provisional restorations are usually intended for short-term use and then discarded, they act as functional and
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This is to configure the teeth so that they can function as abutment for cemented restorations.1 When the procedure is completed, such teeth are essentially “undressed”, but cannot be immediately restored to full form and function1 because fixed prosthodontic treatment, whether involving complete or partial coverage and natural or dental implant, commonly relies on indirect fabrication of definitive prostheses in the dental laboratory.2

The word provisional means established for the time being, pending a permanent arrangement.3It can be challenging for practitioner to justify the use of provisional treatment because of its “temporary” nature, especially when the time required to produce a interim restoration equals that spent for tooth preparation and impression making. However, the exclusion of this essential step and the quality of the provisional restoration can make a difference between success and failure.4,5,6 The term provisional, interim or transitional have been used interchangeably in the literature.2 A provisional restoration must satisfy important dentist and patient needs. Unfortunately “temporary” often conveys the notion that the requirements are unimportant; the dentist however must not reduce clinical efficiency and treatment quality. Literature reveals that time and effort expended fulfilling the requisites of provisional restorations are well
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