Provo's Big Traffic Problems

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One of the busiest places found in the world are main roads. Pedestrians, cars, bicycles, and other types of transportation are found everywhere in that area. Because of all the types of travel that take place along main roads, there can be busy traffic. There are usually regular times where many are making their way home, to school, and to work. In areas with a high population, traffic tends to be heavier and can impact the area in a bad way around it.
Provo’s main streets are experiencing that same dilemma, because they tend to have particularly bad traffic. The streets are remarkably crowded at all times of the day. The high population of students and locals affect the amount of cars on the road, because of the majority of the people are headed to
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Some of the roads to access a region of the businesses are cut off and hard to reach because connecting roads are blocked off. This can also cause problems for their employees because this makes it harder for them to get to work on time. This can also cause a loss in consumerism, since people don’t want to take the time to get there if they can’t have easy access to where they would like to go. Though it may not seem like a big deal, the heavy traffic can affect many local businesses.
Another group heavy traffic affects are the emergency personnel because they are relied upon to help out with emergencies and keep the area safe. Though they may not have much trouble getting around when its convenient for them, they can be affected when there is a particularly bad rush hour and they are investigating a crash or when they need to go respond to an emergency. The amount of people on the road at a time when that happens hinders the amount of what they are able to do to help because the area is crowded. This makes their job harder to complete in many cases, and also makes it harder on the
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