Prudence Abigail Holloway Analysis

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Prudence Abigail Holloway was born to Anastacia Holloway a single mother. Anastacia had been sleeping with a married man, and at first the whole thing had been exciting. But the moment she found out that she was pregnant, everything came to a crashing halt. Erick demanded that Anastacia takes care of the problem. And at first she considered it, having no real way to support a child on her own. But at the last moment she couldn 't do it. So Anastacia lied to Erick and she had done as he asked. The two parting ways, hoping to never see each other ever again, at least that was Anastacia hope. 6 years passed by in a flash, Prue grew into a lively and bright young girl. Her mother found a job as a cook in a rather successful restaurant. Life was…show more content…
Taking Prue home the girl discovered what disgust and hatred were. Her step-mother saw her as a horrible reminder of her husband 's infidelity. Her siblings saw her as a threat to their future fortune. And all Prue wanted was a family, and to not feel so alone. But that didn 't matter; they treated her like the mess you swept under the rug. Her sisters using her as some toy for their cruel entertainment. And her father disregarded her, and chose to pretend as if she didn 't even exist. It was the darkest time of her life; it was all Prue could do not to fall apart. The years that followed had short lived moments of happiness and horrible abuse. She hated her new home, and what they thought of her. Prue couldn’t begin to live up to any of their standards. Her father, a CEO of the family Oil Company. And her mother a socialite of intimidating standing. Her older brother spoiled as the only heir to the family name, and was as cruel and twisted as her father. The middle children a pair of female twins that only wished to toy with Prue as if she were a pet brought home for them. She was not given much, just the hand downs of her siblings and a room in the attic of their large home. Everything she had was a hand me down, her clothes, shoes, books, furniture all of it second hand. It was where Prue learned to tinker and fix. What started out of necessity became a loved hobby
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