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“Ms. Hamilton can be charming, tempestuous, persnickety, vulgar, poetic, provocative, and mothering, sometimes all in the course of a single flurry of sentences” (Gordinier). Many will inquire: how is it possible for one person to express so many emotions in a brief moment? Due to Hamilton’s upbringing and lifestyle transformation, she has encountered contrasting walks of life; she has performed the duties of a troublesome teen, a ruthless chef, a nurturing mother, an expressive writer, and so much more. As a child living along the Delaware River in New Hope, Pennsylvania, Hamilton’s parents divorced and abandoned her when she was eleven years old. This forced her to grow up quickly and learn how to live an independent life. In order to survive,…show more content…
Without support from her family, Hamilton has always longed for a sense of family in her life—even just a glimpse. Due to this longing, “[Hamilton] spend[s] a lot of energy in [her] restaurant trying to create an atmosphere in which [she] wish [she] had grown up” (“Gabrielle Hamilton”). By owning Prune, Hamilton fulfills the missing part of her life that consists of one thing: family. The staff at Prune has become an indispensable part of Hamilton’s family—more than her blood related family. This creates a welcoming environment for all; which is why “…the food at Prune is often described as comfort food” (“Gabrielle Hamilton”). What better to have at home than comfort food, right? At Prune, Hamilton believes homemade food is one of the only ways to make guests feel as if they are in their own home. The inviting atmosphere from the staff combined with comforting food creates an irresistible glimpse of home in the form of a restaurant. Additionally, guests are able to enjoy exquisite food as if they were in the comfort of their own home. Hamilton takes pride in that fact that “…[she has] created a stable home [at Prune]. It’s a functioning, clear, clean home, and [she] feel[s] pretty peak about that” (“Gabrielle Hamilton”). Growing up, Hamilton was not able to take pride in her so-called “family”; however, with Prune, she…show more content…
The unconventional story behind Hamilton creates a lure for guests to dine at Prune. When guests enter the restaurant, the family aspect of Prune creates an inviting feel and reminds them of comforting times they have experienced with their families. As guests order their meals, they encompass themselves with familiar menu items that they would eat growing up. Although a vast majority of guests will be recalling their childhood full of happiness, Hamilton recalls a time of loneliness. With this, she taught herself to work hard in order to succeed, which has helped her run a flourishing restaurant. In a way, Prune is a metaphor for Hamilton’s life transformation. Before the building became Prune, it was bankrupt and in shambles. Nowadays, it is home to one of the best restaurants in the world. Similarly, Hamilton was a troubled teenager living a life of crime. Currently, she is one of the most influential chefs in the world. Although this exact story is only true for Hamilton, more often than not, people transform in different ways throughout their life. Keep searching, because there is a “Prune” for

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