Pryor And Bright's Chaos Theory Essay

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Samuel Seium. The theoretical orientation that I would use with Mary is Pryor and Bright’s Chaos Theory of Careers. Rather than develop a plan, I would prepare Mary to reinvent herself to be able to deal with the unanticipated changes in a plan that she will face, take advantage of opportunities when they come, and build resiliency so that she will be able to cope with any setbacks that may occur. This theory 's view on human nature is that it is unpredictable. Pryor and Bright claim that it is not possible to predict what influences people’s behaviors and or how they will respond to future events that they may encounter in life. However, patterns emerge from people over time but are always able to change from experiences. The theories view…show more content…
The view of change using this theory is that a person’s career path is unpredictable and change will happen in ways that a person will not expect. People need to be prepared for changes in their career path that come from unplanned events. Additionally, people have their own patterns of behaviors but that can change based on future events. The role of the counselor is to manage expectations, teach clients about the chaos that occurs in their career development, and build resiliency when unpredictable difficult events occur. When managing expectations, counselors must give the clients realistic expectations so that they do not believe that their career path will follow their exact plan without having unpredictable events delay or remove them from their plan entirely. Counselors must help clients understand the chaos in one 's career path by explaining to them to be prepared for possible setbacks. Clients must be prepared to face setbacks and have plans in place in order to counter these setbacks as well as having the perspective that unexpected events occur are normal. Building resiliency, counselors must have their clients prepared to cope with unexpected events that may delay or completely change their career development. Clients must be resilient and not get down or give up because the process is too difficult (Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey,
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