Prysmas And Thisbe Essay

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Successful people copy to. Love. Feud. Death. “Prysmas and Thisbe” and “Romeo and Juliet” have some similarities but, shakespeare wrote it to a different theme. Shakespeare uses the theme of love defeated by tragedy, while ovid uses doomed lovers. shakespeare borrowed some of the same ideas as ovid but, in the end result he modified some. The theme they have in common is star-crossed lovers. Shakespeare was a creative writer but he didn 't come up with everything alone. Writer Ovid was a roman poet who lived around 43 before common era. One of his most famous stories of all time was “prysmas and thisbe”. In the story there are two feuding families their children fall in love, their love was forbidden, so they decided to elope, only for prysmas to assume his love had perished, so he…show more content…
So in this case the characters experience the same things but shakespeare made it into his own tragedy. In a shakespearean tragedy it contains, the story of a seemingly heroic figure whose major character flaw causes the story to end with a tragic downfall. Shakespeare 's use of dramatic structure, especially his use and placement of minor characters, and the use of subplots to make the story. In this case his characters where romeo and juliet, they had a very traumatic experience before their deaths. That plot of romeo and juliet wasn 't so original he changed minor parts so it was an original but it wasn 't his idea. But he did change major parts to make it into one of his tragedies like how he added the character paris, that changed the whole storyline, juliet would never have had to kill herself if he wasn 't a suitor for her. She could have just eloped with romeo and would have been okay. Like for instance like in act 5 scene 1 paris says “Do not deny to him (friar lawrence) that you love me.” he assumes that she loves him and he is all honestly very arrogant
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