Psalm 104 Background Analysis

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Biblical Background: Psalm 107: 4-15 The story behind Psalm 107: Babylon took the Jews out of their land. They were under the captivity of Babylon for 70 years, also known as dark days for they were prisoners in Babylon. After 70 years, they got home and wrote this Psalm. The Lord brought them home again (vv. 4-9) Israel was redeemed and saved by God and brought them back to their own homeland. So they must thank and rejoice for what the Lord has done. Their experience brought them to realize the God gives help to people who were coming home, especially those who were imprisoned and exiled. This chapter of Psalm describes God as the God who provides for the nation and people who trust and keep on trusting and obeying. Let us always thank God…show more content…
1: 1 – 27, 31. Ask them to, comparatively, study the Genesis account of creation and the lyrics of the song, previously drawn. Let them analyze the bible verse and compare it with the group’s drawing. Ask them to find out the commonalities and differences. Afterwards, the teacher will facilitate and ask the learners to verbalize their reflection/s about the beauty, order and goodness as they review God’s creation, in chronological order. Ask them to analyze why God’s creation is good, in order and beautiful? b) Lessons Learned (Question and Answer) What do we mean by God "provides order to all Creation? • We believe that God is a God of Order. • God created everything, beautifully and wonderfully. • God’s whole creation manifests God’s character as God of Order Why did God created the world good and in order? Order and goodness are God’s purpose for all creation. God wants for the whole creation, abundance, unity and productivity that every creation may live. c) Applying the lessons learned Complete the Sentence Invite the children to complete the sentence below to demonstrate their commitment and responsibility to maintain and restore the order, goodness and beauty of God’s creation. “We give glory to the God of Order

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