Pscine Mlitor Patel Character Analysis

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Piscine Molitor Patel is the main character in the story, he also narrates the story. In the beginning of the story we get to know a boy named Piscine Molitor Patel. He got his name after a pool in France “Piscine Molitor” . His classmates start calling him “pissing” because they thought it was funny. Teachers started calling him “pissing” too, by accident. When Piscine Patel changed schools to Petit Seminaire, he started explaining in each lesson that his name is “Pi Pantel” so that there would not be such a misunderstanding as there was in his previous school. Pi was not an ordinary teenager, he was deeply involved in religion. He studied Hinduism, Islam and catholicism. In the story Pi grows up and becomes adolescent. That is when he has to move with his family to Canada…show more content…
As the book goes on, we feel the harsh bullying and the heartbreaking ignorance of small children. It is only later that the main character Pi Pantel goes deep into different types of religion, at the same time. Apart from that Pi got teased because of his name the life in India is peaceful. The Zoo that his dad has owned for a long time has to get financial help. That is when the real problems start coming up. Now the setting changes. The whole family has to move out of India. On the ship they get dinner by a very unpleasant cook that hands them food with meet in it. They cannot eat the food because they are vegetarians. The problem is that they only can take the rice and some sauce with it after the advice of a crewman on the ship. The cook might have spoken nicer to them if they were Canadian and not Indian. The biggest value of the novel is nature and life, because Pi had once a chance not helping Richard Parker up the life boat after Richard Parker had jumped out to get some fish in the water. Pi understood that it was more important to save he tiger than saving his own

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