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What is Pseudomonas? The bacteria are found in the environments like in soil, water, and plants. Pseudomonas is a bacterial infection that can occur between the natural nail plate and the nail bed and/or between an artificial nail coating and the natural nail plate. This bacterial infection can also occur in other places of the body. People believe that the green from the infection is mold but mold is not a human pathogen. The color comes from iron compounds. They usually do not cause infections in healthy people and if it does it is not as severe. What does the Bacterial like? Pseudomonas bacteria thrive in moist places, feeds off dead tissue and other bacteria and moisture allows it to grow. Causes Pseudomonas infections are caused by a free-living bacterium. They are found in soil and water. It causes the nail plate to darken and lift from the nail bed. The nail is not…show more content…
A blood infection is one of the most severe. Symptoms are: fever, chills, fatigue, muscle and joint pains. Lungs Infection in the lungs is called pneumonia. Symptoms are: chills, fever, cough that is on going, difficulty breathing Skin A skin infection caused by this bacteria is usually a folliculitis. Symptoms are: itchy rash, bleeding ulcers, headache Ear Swimmer’s ear symptoms are: swelling, ear pain, itching inside the ear, discharge from the ear, difficulty hearing Eye Symptoms of an eye are: inflammation, pus, pain, swelling, redness, impaired vision. Treatments There are two different kinds of antibiotics that you take but sadly some of the bacteria have become antibiotic resistant. Some the antibiotics are: ceftazidime, ciprofloxacin, aminoglycosides, cefepime, aztreonam, carbapenems, ticarcillin, and ureidopenicillins. If needed, surgery is done to remove infected tissue. Prevention Good Hygiene Make sure you always take your full course of antibiotics Always remind doctors and other medical staff to wash their

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