Pseudotumor Cerebri Research Paper

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There is ongoing research to figure out what causes Pseudotumor. There have been some reports of it in multiple generations within families, suggesting that genes may be a factor. Because of Pseudotumor Cerebri’s relationship to gender and obesity, there is a strong chance that hormones contribute to it. Some hormones are released from fatty tissue, and are being studied as factors in the disease. One of the leading guesses is that Transverse Sinus Stenosis is the cause of Pseudotumor Cerebri. Transverse sinus stenosis is the narrowing of a vein in the brain. A Transverse Sinus Stent is a stent holding open/widening this narrow vein. It was found that most pseudotumor cerebri patients had Transverse Sinus Stenosis as the cause of these conditions. In a clinical trial this…show more content…
One of the commonly used glaucoma drugs is Acetazolamide (diamox). Acetazolamide is used to cause your brain to create less cerebrospinal fluid. These drugs can cause fatigue, kidney stones, and can be detrimental to growth. There are other drugs that can help deal with the pain of pseudotumor cerebri. Other medicines that are used are migraine medications. Imitrex is the most popular migraine medication. Imitrex is usually used to ease the severe headaches that come along with pseudotumor cerebri. This does not help fix pseudotumor cerebri it just relieves the pain from the headaches. Both glaucoma drugs and migraine medications can stop working. If the drugs stop working they can perform a surgery called Optic Nerve Sheath Fenestration. This surgery allows excess cerebrospinal fluid to escape. Most people who have this procedure done on one eye can notice a benefit for both eyes. This surgery isn 't always successful and can even increase vision problems. When performed on people with pseudotumor cerebri this surgery only provides a temporary solution because the body continues to overproduce spinal
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