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Notre Dame University
Faculty of Humanities
Department of Psychology, Education and Physical Education
Introduction to Psychology
PSL – 201 (G)



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Spring 2015
From the beginning of humanity, the individual has always been a mysterious specie that hides lots of unrevealed and hidden characteristics and mysteries, that have been the interest of numerous researchers around the planet. These mysteries were the concern of some researchers for some specific reasons: the human race’s mysteries, and as defined by “Psychology” which emerged in the XVIe century, define the behavior and the mind of the individual; these mysteries were used to define or explain specific situations.
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Unfortunately, Self-actualization is not acquired in all societies, but if present, it reflects positive vibes in one’s self. The cognitive perspective focuses on the mind’s nature and how mental processes influence the behavior. It also explains the study of mental process that incorporates the cognitive perspective. The environmental category groups two perspectives: behavioral and sociocultural. The behavioral theory identifies how the external environment governs and shapes the actions of the individual, which are ultimately not innate. It also focuses on the unconsciousness’ absence and concentrates about what is happening in the meantime, that can help us understand one’s behavior. The human’s behavior, thoughts and feelings, which are assigned to the socio-cultural perspective, are influenced by the social environment and cultural learning, and the presence of numerous people in their lives. The biological category groups the biological perspective, which develops medical studies: it explains how the inner body organs coordinate and work, especially with the brain, in order to perform the individual’s…show more content…
Besides being integrated in my society and getting to know new people in my village, scouting has enhanced in me numerous skills. I mainly gained confidence that was a very important part missing in me, and I knew since then that if you have confidence and if you believe in yourself, you can achieve whatever is in your mind no matter what. Scouting also provided me with a better and faster penetration in the society I belong to, especially that in our Lebanese villages “everyone knows everyone”. I also learned one major Lebanese proverb: “Eat or be eaten”! This was a main internal push that made me improve and by that, it made me a better
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