Psoriasis Soap Research Paper

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HELPFUL TIPS: Vi-Tae “Get Lathered Up - Psoriasis/Eczema Soap“

Itchy and irritated skin needs that extra care since it can get worse if you use any harsh products. People suffering from psoriasis face a lot of problems while selecting a suitable soap for this skin. Most of the soaps are detergent based and tend to take away the essential oils from the skin making it dry. The problem of psoriasis gets worsened and it gets very difficult to care or itchy skin, especially in winters.

In Vi-Tae’s Psoriasis Soap, we’ve combined the awesome moisturizing powers of 3 of nature’s most skin nourishing ingredients: unrefined Shea butter, organic cocoa butter, and organic coconut oil to give you a soothing and healing soap which won’t dry up your skin
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1. With wet hands, pick up the soap and turn it over your hand for 3 to 5 times to work up some suds.
2. Place the soap in its container and rub your hand gently together to turn the suds into lather. Use that lather to cleanse your hands with circular motions up to your arms.
3. Rinse with water (repeat wash if necessary) and then pat dry. Done!

Using Get Lathered Up soaps in the shower is so easy! First step is to ensure that you have your whole body wet to help the lather work better.
Once your whole body is wet enough, turn the shower off (to help save some water) and follow steps 2 to 4 in both How to Use the Soap for Your Body and How to Use the Soap for Your Face.
That’s it! Isn’t that so easy?

Using our Psoriasis/Eczema soap in the bathtub requires a bit of adjustment, since the using the tub is a totally different way of cleansing as compared to the shower.
1. To maximize your soap’s longevity, we suggest not letting it sit on the tub water or even the tub’s edge while you are bathing.
2. Lather the soap using a washcloth, loofah, or pouf and use that to distribute and scrub all over your

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