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Kasey Satterly PSY 200 Module 2, Critical Thinking #1 Throughout popular media there are many reports of medical trials, experiments and/or research projects with their results. It may be easy for us as a society to just take what is said as the truth, when in actuality, it is our responsibility to look at these reports with a critical eye. Some of the reports we read or hear about are just half-truths or are not proven. We have to make sure that the information given in these media outlets are creditable. One thing that is often in the researched and then brought to media is experiments or trials in addiction studies, which happens to be my major. This area of psychology research is highly needed in today’s society, but we have to make sure that the research is proven. I recently came across an article on that I found incredibly interesting. The experiment was performed at Indiana University and initially involved 49 men. In the first study the men were given beer to taste and a sports drink, all while their brains were undergoing PET…show more content…
One of the variables was using beer and sports drinks. This allowed them to make sure the reaction the participants were having was because of the beer and not just because they were drinking something. Also using different imaging machines was another variable they used. By using two different imaging methods they were able to insure that the recorded activity in the brain was seen in more than one way. The researchers concluded that there is increased blood oxygen levels and dopamine activity in response to the taste of an alcoholic beverage, and also that these reactions may the strongest in the right ventral striatum. They said in the article that they were the first ones to use multiple brain imaging to reveal their findings. They concluded that the right ventral striatum may be an especially important area for addiction

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