Psy 200 Week 2 Literature Review

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The World Wide Problems of Addiction: Genetics vs. Environmental Factors or Both Chasen L. Edge Georgia Military College PSYC 200 – Introduction to Psychology The World Wide Problems of Addiction: Genetics vs. Environmental Factors or Both Why do we need to know the exact cause of addictions? Are they genetically related? Are they environmentally related or a combination of both? The answers to the questions would certainly contribute in seeking help and controlling the addiction. If the answer was entirely environmental, we could mainly seek rehabilitation programs. These programs usually take place in a controlled facility. At the end of the program, the addict has learned to control his/her own actions and surroundings to prevent …show more content…

Even the strongest estimate of the role of genetics in the formation of our personalities leaves a major role to be played by our child rearing, the stresses and strains of our lives, our social relationships, and other psychological factors (Lahey, 2012). Our social environments affect us throughout our lives. In a review of the literature, the most consistent factors associated with an increased risk for smoking during adolescence was peer and family influences, psychosocial stressors, depression, and externalizing behavior (Seglem, Waaktaar, & Torgersen, …show more content…

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