Psy/204 Week 1

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During Week One, the researcher met with the two focus groups to establish a different rapport and provide an explanation of the research study. Although the researcher had previously established a rapport with the students in each group, it was imperative that the students not view the researcher as one of their Assistant Principals while the study was being conducted. Once the researcher gauged the initial feeling tone towards the research project that had been presented to the focus groups, permission forms were sent home with each participant. Lastly, the researcher conducted an informal observation in both classrooms. During Week Two, participants involved in the study were required to complete a Learning Styles Assessment, as well as a Classroom Climate Survey. Both formal and informal observations were conducted, as well as a group discussion that centered around the results received from the Learning Styles Assessment and Classroom Climate Survey. Lastly, the researcher conducted an interview whereby both teachers involved in the study were surveyed to determine which of the following seven literacy strategies, proven effective with high school…show more content…
Additionally, the researcher reviewed the progress of the instructional strategies, as well as provided additional modeling when deemed necessary. Finally, the researcher compiled and analyzed all data points to determine if there was enough evidence to support the belief that employing elementary practices at the high school level had a positive impact of student engagement and achievement. It is important to the researcher that students are engaged and excelling academically on a daily basis. If the latter activities are occurring, teaching and learning are most assuredly taking place, and if teaching and learning are taking place, student success and achievement will be

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