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Within the data for the women who belong to the Medina Early Childhood Parent Teacher Association (MECPTA), women of child-bearing age, and the residents of Medina County, there is an overall obesity rate among the women. More than 80% of adults do not meet the guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. Only 10% of the activities within the MECPTA are active and physical. Physical activity decreases by an average of 1.4 hours per week after women have children. Within Medina County, there are 17 parks, but they are rarely used by the MECPTA. The outdoor activities is only 4% of the total activities for the MECPTA. Most of the women who have signed up for the 5 kilometer race in June have reservations about completing the race due to time constrictions or physical ailments. Health benefits are associated with active individuals (Health People 2020). The obesity rate for the MECPTA group is 68%. The obesity rate is highest in women of childbearing age. Almost half of the women gain more weight than is recommended and about 1/5 of the women are above 5kilograms above their pre-pregnancy weight 1 year after their child had been born. Snacks are associated with the majority of activities…show more content…
They can decrease their levels of body fat. They can improve their self-efficacy of their ability to complete an exercise routine. They can also provide a positive example for their children by promoting their own health (Healthy People 2020). MECPTA can also use the local parks for outdoor activities. They can also use more activities that are active without snacks and processed foods. They can learn about healthy snacks for children. Three basic health needs of the MECPTA is to increase their physical activity, decrease their weight, and improve their nutritional

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