Psy 230 Week 3 Individual Assignment

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1- Talking about inspirations, I need to divide into three different categories: concept, style, and material. The idea for this series of drawings comes from human life cycle and I visualize it based on my personal surreal imagination. The human 's life cycle always start by a zygote, then the zygote becomes an embryo, after born there are two main stages, first is before adulthood when there are many conflicts and variances that shape the personality, another stage is the adulthood when the character is totally formed and all those conflicts become part of the personality. During the whole cycle, changes are needed for the evolution. I decided to show these changes with limbs and their different gestures which express diverse feelings. Also, in terms of style, Roy Lichtenstein’s way to use the strokes really inspired me, and I believe, using visible and heavy strokes is a sign that shows artist’s control on…show more content…
Actually, with this piece, I want to express the idea that a human’s personality is getting shaped by many external elements, such as environment, society, and politics. With those seven portraits that you mentioned, I want to show different moods and feelings (I like to call them existences) which comes from external elements that I express in They, I, We (Second Stage). I mean, this there many things which affect us, a lead us into some moods that are sometimes are odd. So, I try to depict those strange feelings. Additionally, for these drawing I used my own portraits, but I do not want them a self-portrait. The reason is, the term self-portrait makes a piece sometimes too personal, and viewers disconnect with the concept, so instead of calling them a self-portrait, I just confirm that the initial image was based my own portrait, but using a heavy contrast, and spot light as a source for shadowing it, I tried to make it more
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