Psy 230 Week 4 Case Study In Industrial Psychology

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2) Experimentation: This are parallels to systematic problem solving. Garvin points “opportunity motivates experimentation” means this is not motivated by current difficulties but by opportunity and expanding horizons. It is further classified as ongoing programs and one-of-a-kind demonstration projects. Ongoing programs are designed to produce incremental gains in knowledge through a continuous series of small experiments. These proved themselves as the backbone of most continuous improvement programs especially in shop floors. Characteristics of successful ongoing programs are, first, steady flow of ideas should be in accordance with the firm’s and market receptivity. Second, if the idea fits well with in organization these can be imported …show more content…

Last, managers and employee needs to be trained with a focus of skills to perform and evaluate experiments better. These skills covers various types like statistical methods, graphical and creativity techniques. On the other hand demonstration projects differs from ongoing experiments that are more complicated and larger. It is based on prior sufficient knowledge and innovative thinking. For example General Food’s Topeka plant is one of the best illustration of demonstration projects in the country highlighting the concept of self-managing teams. In mid-1970’s, Copeland Corporation absorbed the above characteristics and implemented it. At that time, Matt Diggs the new CEO appointed has a vision to transform company’s approach to manufacturing. It was noticed that previously all the parts are machined and assembled in the single space or facility. As a result of these tend to increase the costs and quality was marginal. To overcome the complexity Matt Diggs came up with the multifunctional team with a task of designing a “focused factory” with an aim to narrow, newly developed product line. Considering the whole process area a budget of $10 million to $ 12 million was

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