Psy 270 Week 1 Compare And Contrast Nursing Home Care

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As I walked in thru those doors, into a wonderful and well-kept Nursing Home also know as the Canyon Hills Manor, I was greeted with smiling faces and not just from the nurses. But behind that smile is a very tired and worn out nurse who works really hard. They work day in and day out to keep the patients happy and clean. Nursing at the Canyon Hills Manor is very different from the hospital also know as the Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital. I never expected how much of a difference it is until I sat and talked with each nurse. Working a the Canyon Hills Manor can change from day to day but a normal day will start by waking up at 4:45 am and getting yourself ready and going to work and get there by 5:30 am. As they arrive they get reports from the night nurse, which there is only one head nurse at night. Then they continue their early morning by passing out meds to all of the patients. That takes about two hours. As their finishing its getting closer to breakfast time. They get all of the 43 patients down to…show more content…
Instead of arriving at 5:30 the nurses at the hospital arrive at 6:45 am. So they get reports from the nurses on the night shift. This takes about 15 min and then they go and meet their patients if any. Instead of having 20 to 26 patients like the nursing home they might have two to three. They plan their day according to their patient on a piece of paper or in their brain. Throughout they day they are constantly charting and observing a machine of each patients heart rate and blood pressure. They do this every hour. They are in constant contact with doctors unlike the nursing home when its only if a patients is seriously injured. Also another big difference is if something is wrong with a patient at a nursing home they have to call the doctor at the hospital they have to use your brain and figure what the thing to do. Then they give a report to the night nurses and
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