Psy 270 Week 1 Compare And Contrast Mary And Simon

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Stocks were used in 1630 at Dedham as a form of Physical and Spiritual punishment to eradicate Satan out of community members. They believed Satan as physical presence, waiting to get inside an individual. The two ways that Satan can get inside were by either sneezing or laughing. Once Satan got inside you, you were more susceptible to committing one of the “seven sins” because Satan is now controlling your actions and leading you to sin. Two males were selected per year to be “selectman”; their jobs was to handle day to day affairs and were in charge of sentencing community members to the stocks so that their soul could be free from the devil. Three days was the amount of time it took to remove Satan from an individual; therefore all members were sentenced to be locked in stocks for a period of no less than three days. The community members participated by Tickling…show more content…
She also gets super paranoid by Noise and would have a hard time sleeping peacefully; she would be afraid of getting eaten by an animal at night. Mary made a thoughtful suggestion stating “ I would avoid drinking water so I won’t have to use the bathroom”. Mary would probably have a hard time in the stocks because she Is very ticklish and tends to kick and fight back while being tickled. Mary will become more isolated after her sentencing and would avoid going back to the stocks. As the more emotional person in the group; Britney stated “I would start crying and become emotionally stressed”. She would not be able to eat because she usually loses her appetite when she is stressed. Consequently Britney also uses the bathroom more when she is stressed. Britney also states she faints easily if she gets too hot. Britney also has knee problems and would be super uncomfortable in her position. From our group Britney seems to be the person who would have the most difficult time in the
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