Psy 270 Week 1 Personal Reflection Papers

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The tone of the group leader was calming and encouraging; his voice felt reassuring and affirming that ultimately empowering by simply sharing his stories. The open format felt genuine in nature and the group appeared cohesive. Reoccurring themes for most speakers were difficulties in identifying their feelings, perceive themselves as completely unselfish and dedicated to the well-being of others. Listening to others sharing their struggles, I began to access my life and codependent tendency that I may exhibit. There is codependency in every relationship; however, my focus was on my relationship with my husband. After some thought, I realized that the relationship with my husband mutually satisfying relationship.
Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) As an aspiring Marriage and Family Therapist, this group was very intriguing. Looking at the multigenerational effects of addiction illustrated the systemic affects that results from the disease of addictions. The group leader (Lisa) was passionate and well versed in the area of ACOA. The catalyst from change was embodied through Lisa insightfully disclosing personal attributes of the codependency relationship of her parents.
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The family system aspects of ACOA resonated with me as a clinician and allowed to divulge into dysfunctional characteristics that members of the group may experience. Throughout the meeting, I was very mindful of the painful experiences of the members and observant of their reactions. This allowed me to intuitively understand their personal traumas and maladaptive behaviors they experienced. This was truly a learning experience for me because it systematically supported me in connecting attributes of Bowenian approach to experiences of the group
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