Psy 270 Week 3

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1. Define the Problem A client had complete access to the information of another client, who is a prominent public figure. Merry Watson had complete freedom to read confidential information of another client. 2. Relevant Ethical Codes The AAMFT ethical code that applies for this case is 2.5 Protection of records. And, the ACA ethical codes that apply for this case are: A.1.b. Records and documentation, B.1.c. Respect for confidentiality, B.6.b. Confidentiality of records and documentation, and B.6.i. Reasonable precautions. 3. Nature of Ethical Dilemma Merry had access to a client’s confidentially information. We do not know how Merry is going to use the information learned about the prominent public figure. The information Merry had access to can be damaging to the client public image. This affects the well-being of the client. The therapist’s inability to maintain confidentiality affects the beneficence of the client. 4. Generate Potential Action Steps with Consequences…show more content…
The clients’ files cannot be in an exposed to the public place. The clients’ files should be saved or put in a safe place where only people with authorization have access to. Because the therapist is not aware that Merry accessed the client’s file, the therapist should talk to the receptionist about leaving unattended the client’s files, and explain to the receptionist the ethical issues regarding confidentiality. If the therapist becomes aware that Merry looked at the client’s file, the therapist should explain to Merry the importance of confidentiality. The therapist should also let the client know that his/her information was accessed by
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