Psy 270 Week 4 Emotionalal Analysis

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Week Four Devotional Luke 10:27 God’s command is for us to love Him with our total being. This cannot be accomplished on our own. Apart from God, it is impossible to love Him. One must know God for who He is. Apostle John makes it clear that one must be born again (1Joh 5:1). To know God is to know Him as Father as it is written in 1Joh 3:1 and Joh 1:12. We are His children and as His children, we receive special privileges and rights to be called the Sons of God. It is by His power and from His love that we were adopted into His family. It is by God’s love that we were drawn to Him. It is God’s love that keeps us and nothing can separate us from it. God first loved us and demonstrated it when He gave His best for us. God the Father

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