Psy/270 Week 4

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1. Create an applied research project. a. Identify what type of applied analysis you would be conducting (process evaluation, outcome evaluation, needs assessment, or combination of any of these). This is a needs assessment analysis that targeted an old model of issuing identification cards to abuse victims trying to leave their abuser, which was problematic because of the time it took to issue the cards and the methods it employed requiring the victims to prove who they are. This assessment, evaluation of an old government model was to determine if the new model was more effective than the old model for this particular program and if the officials tasked with issuing new and or replacement identification to the women and their families…show more content…
Content Validity: When asking women if they had a difficult time getting replacement identification cards from government agencies, it would be unfair to limit the agencies to the DMV in downtown Boston; the survey would have to include DMVs throughout Massachusetts. ii. Face Validity: The survey measures the degree of efficiency the women are now experiencing when applying for new or replacement identification cards for themselves for their children. iii. Construct Validity. Measurers were taken to make sure the questioner asked what the evaluation set out to evaluate. c. How would you address ethical issues in your project? The Institutional Review Board (IRB) was given the opportunity to give independent and prospective review and approval prior to the study beginning. Participation was voluntary for the women applying for identification. They were informed they could withdraw at any time if they wanted to and that no harm would come to them from participating. There were no incentives to any participants for completing the questionnaire. Participants were informed their survey answers would remain confidential from anyone and that all necessary steps would be taken to ensure their confidentiality would be

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