Psy 270 Week 5 Data Collection Case Study

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• List your major activities pertaining to the Title V program for this reporting period and relate to the specific yearly objective(s).
Psychology data collection was one of the main activities for this report period. The end of the grant is coming, and Marcy and I are collection data that will help to demonstrate how successful the grant has been. The psychology data collection, which includes GPA and student retention from fall is one of the grant objectives for year five.
• Discuss any problems which you are experiencing in meeting the objectives of our program.
• Describe equipment, or other significant purchases (over $100), made with Title V funds during this reporting period for our program.
• Summarize all travel paid with Title V funds for this reporting period.
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• Describe any cooperative activities with other units of the college, either Title V or non-Title V,
• What tasks are planned to meet the Activity Objectives for the next reporting period.
To keep working on the PACTO data collection for education and psychology students, collect the information necessary to move forward to the next steps of requesting data from AWC to pull out the necessary reports. To continue working on the transition of PACTO services to others majors.
• Describe administrative activity completed during this reporting
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